Love and passion for good olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an essential ingredient for a balanced diet, for a life full of Health!
That is why for us, the entire processing of the olive fruit, in the stages where its quality is affected, is carried out with methods that preserve its natural components unchanged.

We insist on quality!

Respect for the environment

Our oil mill operates in 2 phases with the main advantages of minimizing the production of liquid waste with a high organic load and avoiding pollution of the water table.

We take care of our land!

Relationships based on trust and fair return

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil and its valuable benefits are what we want to share with you! We want to spread this tasty source of energy and well-being to the rest of the world, because the products of the Greek Land deserve to be in the first place, in the hearts of consumers worldwide.

We promote the Greek idea!